These enterprise and local services support the administrative and business functions of ag8亚洲游. They include analytics, business intelligence, reporting, finance, HR, student & faculty information systems, advancement, conference and event management.

服务 描述
校友与晋升 校友 portals and services that support university advancement and development.
辅助系统 服务 outside the core administrative systems that support auxiliary or ancillary campus systems, 活动, 和操作.
文档成像与管理 电子文件管理服务.
学院资讯系统 服务 that support faculty administration, review, promotion, and tenure.
财务,人力资源,设施和采购系统 Administration and maintenance of enterprise systems (integrated or stand-alone) that support financial management, 人力资本管理, 和采购.
图书馆系统 服务 for library systems that provide access to local and remote information in support of 教学, 学习, 和研究. 包括收购, 目录, 循环, 连续剧, 公共用户界面, 馆际互借, 发现工具, 等.
报告和分析 商业智能平台, 数据仓库, 指示板, 分析工具, 事务报告, 和操作数据存储.
学生资讯系统 支持入学的服务, 招生, 登记, 取向, 金融援助, 学生帐目及收款, 建议, 以及职业服务.



教师门户 is an online gateway where ag8亚洲游 faculty can perform certain academic 活动 like viewing their 教学 schedules and class rosters, 如果被建议者是顾问,就和他们互动, 输入成绩, 等.



学生门户 is an online gateway for ag8亚洲游 students services like online 登记, 非官方的成绩单, 课程表, 成绩, 登记证书, 账单, 等.